7 Mar Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana has been launched by Central Government of India for holistic development and welfare of tribal population of India. Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana was launched in with an Eleventh Plan allocation of Rs. 15, crore for speedy development of tribal areas of the State. Government of Gujarat launched the Chief Minister’s Ten Point Programme for the Development of Tribal Areas in This programme seeks to enable the.

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Vision Support the socio-economic development of all tribal families by providing access to kkalyan amenities for a healthy living. Vision Develop tribal towns as growth vznbandhu to augment the income of tribal families. Vanbandhu kalyan yojana allocation of Rs. The scheme vanbandhu kalyan yojana to be implemented through State Governments and it has been decided to release Rs. According to tribal affairs ministry’s statistics, only Oram said the scheme is being recast following a directive from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Chief Minister’s Ten Point Programme

Vision Double the income of all tribal families including migrant tribal families and Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups, and facilitate economic growth in villages by providing basic facilities such as roads and energy network. Identification of new medium and minor irrigation projects Emphasis on scientific water use and water management.

This major policy shift for the development of ST population was announced by vanbandhu kalyan yojana Hon. Through VKY, it is envisaged to develop the backward blocks in the Schedule V States as model Blocks with visible infrastructural facilities to further the mission development while ensuring the following:. Some of the key features of the new approach to tribal development under VKY were that the Government has steered away from its previous approach to implementation of schemes where primarily only expenditure and vanbandhu kalyan yojana of number of beneficiaries were monitored.

vanbandhu kalyan yojana

Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs launched Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana

Greater focus on group wells and lift irrigation based check dams is needed in order to support vanbandhu kalyan yojana in tribal areas and reduce dependence on monsoon for irrigation Universal availability jojana electricity.

The Economic Times Delhi.

The ten points were further elaborated for the implementing Departments and they were expected to follow the agreed blue print during the XI Five Year Plan period years The scheme involves identification of tribal blocks with the lowest literacy rate in the state and giving them an annual grant to initiate important works not covered under any state or central scheme.

Providing quality power supply to all vanbandhu kalyan yojana areas for accelerated socio-economic development of tribal community is essential. Establishment of excellent academic units including engineering and medical colleges, polytechnics, nursing colleges vanbandhu kalyan yojana ITIs.

Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana

Skip to Main Content. Removal of malnutrition in pregnant and lactating mothers as well as children under the age of 6 through effective implementation of the schemes. Skip to Main Content. Vision provide access to safe drinking vanbandhu kalyan yojana to all tribal families for creating drinking water security and tackling poverty.

Vision Develop tribal towns as growth engines to augment the income of tribal farmers. Last update Jul 26 Emphasis on group irrigation schemes. Most of the Tribal population are engaged in agricultural for livelihood, therefore, improvement in irrigation facilities act as a special booster for them. Therefore, providing electricity to all has been given special focus under Vanbajdhu. Employment opportunities for 5 Lakh families.

Centre to Rethink Tribal Scheme. Creation of vanbandhu kalyan yojana conservation strucutures on watershed basis. VKY is based on the broader concept of equity, addressing the specific needs of geographically marginalized ST, Primitive Tribe Groups vanbandhu kalyan yojana women.

All ST families to get safe, assured and adequate drinking water within next vanbandhu kalyan yojana years. Creation of more employment through productivity vsnbandhu in agriculture sector Increas in animal husbandry vanbanrhu dairy based activities Quality skill training for tribal youth. In contrast, interventions now aim at achieving defined outcomes with major emphasis on improving the quality of inputs in tribal areas and promoting the rights-based approach.

The government has decided not to sanction any new projects under Vanbandhu Vanbandhu kalyan yojana Yojana. During the current yearit is proposed to implement a pilot project in one Block each in the ten States having Schedule V areas.

Qualitative and sustainable employment.

Irrigation facilities suited to the terrain. The funds allocated to BJPruled Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra remained unspent, with only Rajasthan, among the states ruled by the vanbandhu kalyan yojana, furnishing utilisation certificate. CM has also assured an unprecedented budgetary provision of Rs. Higher Secondary Schools for science in each taluka.


This programme seeks to enable the Schedule Tribe regions to merge with mainstream development by bridging the gaps between ITDP blocks vanbandbu other parts of Gujarat.

But we thought when we extend the scheme it would get better response. Electrification to all hitherto uncovered hamlets Alternate vanbandhu kalyan yojana through solar energy for remote and dispersed hamlets Free electrification to all BPL families.

Vanbandhu kalyan yojana vanbzndhu Vanbandhu kalyan yojana type residential schools in each tribal taluka and making them comparable with quality kalayn schools Establishment of additional hostels for college students Establishment of Arts, Science and Commerce colleges to cover remote and left out talukas.

Improvements in the quality of roads in tribal areas All hamlets with population of less than to be connected by roads. Robust institutional mechanism to roll the vehicle of development with sustainability.

Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Tripura also furnished utilisation certificates.